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P-Life Degradable Plastic Technology

Oxo-biodegradable P-Life Degradable Plastic Technology

-P-Life TM advanced Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Additive is a Patented

Technology based on US Pat. No.6482872 “Process for Manufacturing a Biodegradable Polymeric Composition”.

“P-Life” is a specially formulated degradant catalyst which leads polyolefin polymers such as

polyethylene and polypropylene, considered as non-biodegradable polymers, into “*Oxo -Biodegradable Plastics”.

P-Life degradant additives provide the chemical environment that subsequently and inevitably leads to

the total degradation of the polyethylene product into carbon dioxide, water and a benign, non-toxic

residue at the molecular level, which is then totally assimilated back into nature.

With P-Life TM Garbage bag under outdoor sunlight decomposition test

Biodegradable Seeding Bag Field Test


P-Life TM Plastic bag make a test in laboratory
Photos of Actual Tested Samples:
1. ASTM D6954
2. ISO 17556
3. ASTM D5510
4. ASTM G154
5. ASTM D3826
6. CERI, JAPAN - GPC test (>2,020Mw)

Applications for P-Life

  • Coin Bags
  • Courier Bags
  • Document Bags
  • Bank Security Bags
  • Food Cosmetics, Household Bags